The Greater San Joaquin Softball Association has adopted a policy for all Sanction Tournaments in their Association that ALL On-Field team staff personnel MUST have and display in plain site their ASA issued, current year, background check ID card at ALL times.

All teams MUST be ASA Registered to participate in any ASA Sanction Tournament in the Stockton area. Your team will be REQUIRED to show proof of ASA Registration. If you can not provide this at check-in there will be a $25.00 registration fee that MUST be paid prior to your first game. This is needed for liability insurance purposes to cover the City of Stockton, the GSJSA Umpires and the tournament staff. The registration is good ONLY for that weekend tournament. To play in any future ASA Sanction tournaments in the Stockton area, you MUST show proof of ASA Registration or pay an additional $25.00 fee for each tournament. This fee is for LIABILITY insurance only, there is NO accident insurance coverage in this $25.00 fee.

Any personal found to be in non-compliance of this policy will NOT be allowed on the field of play.

By clicking on the "proceed" button below you are indicating that you have read and understand the above written policy and will comply with it.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact Bart Magellan, JO Commissioner for Greater San Joaquin Softball Association by email or his cell phone at (209) 639-7353.